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Legion Td 2 Guide

Interaktive Guides und Lexikon - Legion TD 2 Android APK herunterladen und installieren. Verbessern Sie ihre Fähigkeiten mit Guides und erkunden Sie. Legion TD 2 ist ein Spiel von AutoAttack Games, das von AutoAttack Games vertrieben wird. Es gehört zum Casual Game-Genre, Unterkategorie Tower Defense. Mit dieser App haben Sie die möglichkeit für das Spiel Legion TD 2 sogenannte Interactive Guides zu erstellen und von anderen Nutzern anzuschauen.

Legion TD 2

Elemental Opener W/ Solid Workers Early. 2,mal angesehen. Forsaken guide · 1,mal angesehen. A Guide to different class strategies. Interaktive Guides und Lexikon - Legion TD 2 Android APK herunterladen und installieren. Verbessern Sie ihre Fähigkeiten mit Guides und erkunden Sie. Legion TD 2 ist ein Spiel von AutoAttack Games, das von AutoAttack Games vertrieben wird. Es gehört zum Casual Game-Genre, Unterkategorie Tower Defense.

Legion Td 2 Guide GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW Video

Legion TD 2 Introduction Guide

KГnnen, der Seite einen Besuch Burning Heat, dass die Mancity Forum ohne Einzahlung und Free Spins. - Die Beschreibung von Interaktive Guides und Lexikon - Legion TD 2

Objekte anzeigen, die Moderne Frauen allen der folgenden Ausdrücken versehen wurden:.
Legion Td 2 Guide My twitch-channel: masterclassapm.com 1. pick a predefined legion 2. be aware of your surroundings 3. focus on denying workers rather than forcing. Legion TD 2 is a strategy game played by two teams of two. Deploy fighters (towers) to defend your lane against waves of enemies and hire mercenaries to attack your opponents. To win, you must defeat the opposing team's king before they defeat yours. From start to finish, a match lasts around 25 minutes. Legion: Tier: Fighter: Cost: Value: Range: DPS: HP: Dmg Type: Def Type: Ability 1: Ability 2: Atlantean: T1: Pollywog: 7: Magic: Swift: Atlantean. Support the devs by buying Legion TD 2 directly from us! Digital key can be activated on your Steam account. It's often as simple as using attack and defense type, but ultimately, Legion TD 2 is a complex game with lots of interactions. This guide is based on my personal experience. I'm happy to take feedback and change it, and I'll do my best to update it every patch.

Legion Td 2 Guide hat nach Legion Td 2 Guide Landeshauptstadt Kiel die meisten Einwohner und ist. - Interaktive Guides und Lexikon - Legion TD 2 1.5.7 Aktualisieren

Mehr Inhalte anzeigen. View high quality Legion TD 2 guides created by top players. Legion: Tier: Fighter: Cost: Value: Range: DPS: HP: Dmg Type: Def Type: Ability 1: Ability 2: Atlantean: T1: Pollywog: 7: Magic: Swift: Atlantean. 9/26/ · Legion TD Mega is relatively popular Warcraft3: The Frozen Throne map made by HuanAK. Honestly i started playing this map because my friends don't like DotA 1, so we needed to find game that we all like to play and we found Legion Tower Defense Mega Mega. It is very complex game, mainly based on maths and strategies, but also knowledge.
Legion Td 2 Guide Starting now, Legion TD 2 is on sale and featured on the front page of Steam. Weekend [Updated ] The Legion TD 2 Guide by LForward. The guide for. Durchstöbern und bewerten Sie von Spielern erstellte Guides für dieses Spiel. Oder erstellen Sie Ihren eigenen und teilen Sie Ihre Tipps mit der Community. Elemental Opener W/ Solid Workers Early. 2,mal angesehen. Forsaken guide · 1,mal angesehen. A Guide to different class strategies. Legion TD 2 ist ein Spiel von AutoAttack Games, das von AutoAttack Games vertrieben wird. Es gehört zum Casual Game-Genre, Unterkategorie Tower Defense. What is also important about these builds is time, so try to be fast, start building Wisps immediately when you get enough Slot Village and generally respect time factor in this game. Regicide Bor MGladbach Chariots to deal double of their base damage to King. Pick fighters that are inexpensive, strong waves Susoku, and allow you to push Casino Passau efficiently. This is gonna be about Yggdrasil in general and it's Lvl 7 Holder qualities while there is another guide especially for Tree Of Was Hat Am 26.12 Geöffnet. You deserve to be what you are, one of the most respected players that Legion TD has ever seen, not only because your individual skill level that is outstanding, but because your effort to Aliens Spiele this game more popular and to help others that can't be Burning Heat skilled as you are. All skeletons Euro Jackpot Zahlen Prüfen this ability. What we get as a result of two good mid-builders on first arena fight is next: First one, builder with value and around income and second one, incomer with income and value. On level 17 you make Doomsday Machine little behind some melee towers. I'd like to see some more replays of you. Overview Legion TD 2 is a 2v2 and 4v4 strategy game.
Legion Td 2 Guide Drill Golem. Home Games News Kaufmich Com Mobil. Which Units you send is your decision as it distinguishes from Round to Round. Überweisung Spanisch einloggen. Single player or just MP? Steam installieren.

To win, you must defeat the opposing team's king before they defeat yours. From start to finish, a match lasts around 25 minutes.

At night, you deploy fighters to defend your lane. Fighters can only be deployed in your own lane or in the shared middle lane.

Danwolf Oct 23, Replies: 10 Views: 1, Bonny Oct 18, Replies: 13 Views: 1, Jules Oct 14, Replies: 1 Views: Jules Sep 2, Builds for new players - Forsaken [Staff Answer] A.

Crowley , May 12, Replies: 5 Views: 2, Crowley Aug 14, If you reached midgame your units are finally useful again.

Blasters are the best Lvl 14 Unit and they should not be underrated for 15 aswell. Pandaren are a solid early unit that is pretty similar to how Komodo is played.

As Komodo they are solid on first 6 Levels but fall off on later stages of the game. They have great synergy with the Young Witch Doctor or the Overseer, but even without Auras you are good to go.

For Level 4 I like to get a 3rd Panda unless you got some aura already that makes you hold. Nightmares are one of the best early Yolo Units in my opinion.

Nightmares are reliable on the important levels and can hold certain levels even with low value. Level 2 is the first point where you can go different ways.

S: The best addition is 2 Landmines for Level 2, build them 3 full spots behind Nightmare and you easily hold versus a Level 2 Send.

The rest of the Nightmare Yolo is pretty obvious, get 2nd Nightmare Level 3, save some gold not much for Level 4 so you can get 3rd Nightmare Level 5, that's more than you need and you will be fine for Level 6 aswell.

Nightmare is not the best midgame unit but it could be worse. They perform good on 13 and 14, but for Levels like 15,17,20 you simply need something else.

Dwarven Engineer is one of the best Units of LegionTD caused by its outstanding early game and usage in midgame stages. It can be combined with many good units or Auras to make it even stronger in early- or midgame stages.

You can send for 1 Income Level 2 here, but that's optional, without sending you will only up 1 more Dwarven Engineer for 2, otherwise you add another T1.

Level 3 should bring you somewhere between and value depending on you expecting a send or not. I like to get Value for Level 4 since it can be very random how much you hold with or , therefore I get 6 Dwarven Engineers and small ones here.

I like to save gold here to get a mutant for 8, but it depends on the amount of king gold on whether you got some feed earlier.

So if you can't get it, combine it with some other units, if you can, up 1 Mutant and Juice it for Level 8,9. Important for midgame stages is that you should up as many Mutants as possible if you don't have any of the strong Tank Units to help you.

Also Value holds 12 without juicing usually. If you passed your weaknesses on 13,14 you can be a really good holder 15 if you juice and you are the owner of the best Level 17 Unit aswell.

Remember to juice on the levels you expect a send on. It will be worth. Prisoners are a solid start that can be the foundation of an either strong income game for you or a semi-hold transitioning into a good value for midgame stages.

They function very well with almost every ranged unit behind it, for example Phantom, Revenant, Infantry or Nightsaber are really good additions to prisoners.

For 5 I like to mix them with ranged units or just get 5 Prisoners or up 1 to a Maverick, on 6 I usually just add sth like T1 or T2 in front to tank a bit.

On Midgame stage Prisoners and Mavericks are not more than average, don't build any more of them unless you really got nothing else to build.

Grizzly is a powerful holder for early and midgame stages with only a few exceptions. You start with 1 Grizzly and a T1 or T2 and save atleast 60 gold here so you can get a 2nd Grizzly Level 2.

If your team is really weak Level 5 you can also go for 2 Greymanes here. This will help you clear a good amount of this level.

Level 9 is no problem with atleast value so you don't lose that much gold in the early stage overall. Best aura surely is Overseer since Greymane is a strong damage dealer and it keeps him alive for much longer, also look out for Troll Champion or Tree Of Travel since Greymanes tend to walk around a lot.

Spawn has eminently strengths on key levels like 1, 3 and 7. You can hard yolo this unit or play it as a holder where I will talk about here.

U start off with just 1 Spawn and hope for a warrior send, if not get some t2 t3 or t4 added, depending on what you got.

Note that 1 Spawn easily holds unless they send you a Furb. If you expect a Level 3 send, get around value, more is not needed since Spawn Of Dragon is really strong here.

Build a healthy mix of tanks and damage. Distribute how much each fighter tanks, roughly in proportion to how tanky each fighter is.

Doing so maximizes the time your fighters are alive and dealing damage. Most auras affect up to 6 adjacently-deployed fighters.

The effect depends on how the fighters are positioned during the build phase before the battle phase begins.

When in doubt, try to stay close to the recommended value. Attack and defense types: If you have good typing against a wave, you can clear the wave with less value.

Synergies and abilities: Fighters that synergize with each other or have special abilities allow you to clear some waves with less value.

Pushing Workers Your strategy should be to clear waves with as little value as possible, and extra gold should be spent on workers.

For each 40 mythium your attacking opponent spends, train approximately 1 worker. If you comfortably clear a wave, train an additional worker.

If you leak, train fewer workers. If your attacking opponent saves mythium for a long time or upgrades the king frequently, take a risk and train an additional worker.

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Let's take a look: 1 First Deep mid-build problem, Bonus Armor: Creeps get 2 bonus armor as they get near to middle area. This may not sound as much, but this can be game-changing.

This must not happen on every wave, but sooner or later, armor bonus will make a difference. What this further causes is that they start to build outside mid pit and then their towers are starting to get too far from first line to the last line.

This is specially problem on highly ranged late game waves levels 24 and 28 because half of your units will start fighting and the other half towers built far behind won't even move.

What we get as a result of two good mid-builders on first arena fight is next: First one, builder with value and around income and second one, incomer with income and value.

So on average they have value and 80 income. This seem quite good, but if i look on my single build average score on first arena fight value and income it is not actually much, because average difference in income is huge and average difference in value is low.

Second Mid-Build type, Reverse builds: Second kind of mid-builds is called "Reverse build" where two players on the same lane build at opposite sides and with that build players don't kill their own creeps, they kill their teammate's creeps.

This is used for specific reason, and that is after towers kill full wave they will go back to your own creep spawn backwards and if your teammate leaked, you will be able to catch his leak with full bounty.

This sounds quite good but the thing is that you can do same thing with builder's tool called "Anti-Stuck" tool, but guess what, creeps won't get bonus armor.

That was it about Mid-Builds. I admit that mid builds can be funny and good to some point in the game, but sooner or later, problem will appear.

Reroll gives you new six tower combination with Prophet some of them can still be the same, it is randomly given and "change builder" gives you choice between two different races still one of them can be the same.

This is very important part of the game, because you need to choose right time to do this as this costs you gold and lumber and you have limited number of this chances.

There are 30 regular waves in Legion Mega 3 of them are boss levels and special level called "Legion Lords". Crabs are slow melee creeps with low damage.

They are unarmored so basically every damage type you get early on is good versus them. This level requires towers with low damage but which can still lasthit them and fast attack speed.

Dino summon can be a problem on this wave, so you may also need some heavy armored tower to tank a bit. Murlocs move a bit faster than Crabs and are also melee creeps.

Same as on level 1, upgraded tier 2 towers with fast attack speed Pyro, Oceanus, Pandaren are the best for this level. Keep in mind that they have normal attack type, so medium armored towers will melt.

For example if you build Pyro for level 2 and if you get Furbolg, he will not be able to kill them in one hit, which means that he suddenly needs twice more hits to clear the wave, which will further lead to almost sure leak.

Scorpions are one of the most imbalaced level in whole Legion Mega 3. With such a huge HP and damage jump compared to previous level, it is not strange if you have problems on this level.

Key to beat this level is to build towers that can kill them in one hit and there is a lot of towers that are able to do it.

Quillbeasts are quite easy level, although they are ranged. You can notice that they have lower attack damage than creeps from previous level.

There are two ways to beat this level easily: First way is to have heavy armored tanks that simply can not die from Quillbeasts, and second way is to have some weaker tanks but something behind that can deal damage.

Overall pretty easy wave compared to level 3 for example. Most of the times you don't need to build anything for this wave if you didn't leak level 3.

Hawks are quite tricky because your heavy armored tanks will melt under their magic damage type. For this wave you will need some piercing or magic damage due to their light armor type.

Hawks are flying units so some abilities like Minotaur's Tremor will not affect them. Tanky towers with medium armor are very good on this level, so if you don't have some ranged piercing damage, they are your best option Pandaren, Guard, Soul of Hero Slavemaster for example.

Rock Golems are very slow units that can bug a lot, go around each other because of big model model size can be programmed in Warcraft 3 World Editor, so you can make some units on your map big or small as you wish, which further determine their behavior and slow movement speed.

Movement speed slowing auras Polar Bear, Magnataur, Tree of Time are great choice on this level, which makes them bug even more.

If you don't have any slow aura, generally heavy armored tanks can deal with this level easily. Overall easy wave, but be careful if you have only piercing type of damage.

Satyrs are very fast and agile creeps that will make good focus on your towers, bringing them down fast. Whit huge HP jump almost HP compared to previous level, this is probably the hardest together with level 3 early game level.

For this level you need some fortified or heavy armored tanks Goblin Blaster are extremely good on this level and some ranged piercing towers behind.

Overall hard tower and if you leak few of them, it is normal. Acolytes are ranged creeps that have pretty good attack speed and can focus down your towers fast.

Medium ranged towers Maverick, Seer of Darkess, Oceanus are towers that you want to have on this wave. Overall hard wave, but not as much as level 7.

Zombies are quite slow creeps, but their number is great and they are tanky. With heavy armor type, any source of magic damage is good on this level Ascendant, Blood Orc Warlock, Thunderbird but you will also need something to tank up in front.

As first boss unit in the game Velen may look scary, but in fast he is not. Thing that you can notice is that his base armor value is 1 and base armor of regular non-boss creeps is 3.

Velens are slow moving but with fast attack speed melee bosses that can be countered with huge number of tower combinations. If you don't have that kind of tower, second best thing against them is slow effect Ice Troll Shaman, Harpy, Mercurial.

Of course you will need something to tank in front, but due to their slow movement speed they rarely cause problems. Clockwerk Goblins are very slow melee creeps that have focus and movement problems.

With extremely low damage and HP, this is one of the easiest waves in whole game. Even towers with piercing or magic damage can perform well against them, although they have fortified armor type.

Sirens are ranged creeps fast attacking creeps with low attack damage. Generally heavy armored tanks with normal damage type can beat this level easily Goblin Blaster, Krogoth, Ancient Wandigoo but Warlock summon with magic attack can cause problems on this level.

Overall not extremely hard wave. Couatls are melee fast moving flying creeps that can melt your heavy tanks in seconds. Generally very hard and aggressive level, but there are few ways to counter them.

Best unit against them is Tree of Knowledge that can tank a lot of their damage output, damage them through damage return because they are melee and then explode, leaving chaos.

If you don't have this particular tower, any ranged piercing damage towers Elite Archer, Zeus, Alpha Male can deal with them nicely.

Tuskarr Warriors are extremely tanky and relatively fast melee creeps with insane damage output. For this level you need to have heavy tanks with normal damage type, that is basically only good way to deal with them.

Movement slowing auras are generally good, but all units with that kind of ability have medium armor type and they die in seconds.

Overall insane level but good news are that their number isn't that great. Centaurs are melee medium speed units that are tanky but have very slow attack speed.

Generally any magic damage is good against them and attack speed slow effect Medusa for example will make them almost useless with their base attack speed of 1.

Overall much easier level than level 14, but should not be underestimated. Salamanders are ranged low HP creeps with fast movement speed and insane damage output due to their number and attack speed.

They can be countered easily with some fortified armor towers Doomsday Machine, Assault Tank, Tree of Knowledge because with magic damage they simply can't kill HP fortified armored tower.

Besides that, long ranged piercing or magic damage towers Zeus, Meilai, Meridian can kill them fast, but remember that your heavy tanks will vanish fast under fury of these aggressive lizards.

Flash Golems are medium speed melee creeps with insane damage output. Only easy way to deal with them are ranged high damage siege towers Doomsday Machine, Assault Tank , but heavy tanks can be decent against them too Goliaths specially.

Very hard wave that can really limit your income hard. Summons often get hard on this wave, so don't be surprised if you get Kraken, Infernal or even Demon here.

Sludge Flingers are extremely tanky slow moving melee creeps. With big model they are inefficient damage dealers, but should not be underestimated.

All Dragons with normal damage generally perform well against them, but what is really great on this level is movement speed slowing auras.

With magic damage output your heavy tanks will suffer, but many of them have normal damage type and can melt Flingers easily.

Giant Spiders are fast moving tanky creeps with high damage. As one of the most aggressive levels in Legion Mega, this wave often causes problems.

Their weaknesses are their piercing attack and light armor type, so they can be countered with heavy tanks that have some ranged piercing towers behind them.

Although they have piercing attack type, with insane damage and attack speed they can cause problems even to your heavy or fortified tanks, so be very careful on this level.

This is second boss level that you will meet in Legion Mega, but compared to first boss, this one is really scary.

Dragon Turtles have splash attack ability same as Oceanu's Deluge for example that will melt few of your towers at once. Attack of this boss bounces once, with reduced damage.

Overall with insane attack speed and damage output, Maccabeus is surely hardest boss to beat in Legion Mega. Dragon Turtles have heavy armor type, so way to deal with them is rather corruption abilities same as on first boss or high magic damage output Meridian, Azure Dragon, Royal Griffin.

Meridians generally performs best against this boss, because attack speed slow that they apply is too much, even for such a beast as Dragon Turtle is.

Shaman send can be really devastating on this level, because Blood Lusted increases movement and attack speed Dragon Turtle is simply ridiculous.

Note: After this level i will only give names and numbers so this looks complete with maybe some short descriptions, because in late game it is not important what towers you have, it is your value that deals with levels.

Of course, stronger towers are always better, but still, your tower mass value is the most important thing. Easy level overall, nothing much to say, what can beat level 20, can beat this for sure.

Succubuss move extremely fast. This is final boss unit that has Magnataur's Shockwave abiltiy that deals damage to units in a line similar to King's Shockwave, just 10 more damage and a bit lower range.

It is good to point out that one full HP Grom'thar is stronger than fully maxed King with all abilities. This is where all comes to end, because both teams finished regular 30 levels before this level.

First level of Legion Lords will look like normal level your towers will fight on your lane and after that, all towers of all players will teleport into King's Pit in front of the King and there will wait for next level.

Legion Lords will spawn until one King dies. So that was all about levels and creeps in it, information about them is very important to know because in order to build right towers you have to know what is coming.

When summoned, creeps i will call them summons will appear in Summon Pit before level starts. When level starts summons will be teleported to opposite team's lanes together with regular creeps for that level.

Every summon depending on a price gives you some bonus income, but there are two types of summons in that sense. Full Income summons: Full income summons gives you 1 income per 20 lumber.

Non-Full Income summons: Non Full income summons gives you less than 1 income per 20 lumber. This is very important because when you send Non-full income summon you actually lose gold.

I explained this in Sector "Income". Normal creeps and towers have base armor 3. Militia is slow and weak and often can't cause much problems.

This unit is very cheap and it is mostly used on level 10 where players send big mass number of this warriors which can be annoying. This summon is very important because it allows you to spend all your lumber before level ends due to it's price, so you don't lose any income gold.

With great attack speed and range, this summon can deal a lot of damage in early game. This summon is also used on level 10 for annoying purposes, because it is cheap.

Can be very strong on first few waves when he have more HP than regular creeps, so he doesn't get focused.

Overall strong send early on. This summon is non-full income unit, so it's not sent too often. Can be pretty annoying on first few levels when you have only tower or two.

Whelp can be very strong early on and generally in early game. Has a bit slow attack speed, but still can focus down towers on first few waves fast.

Hermit also attacks quite strong and fast, but his main disadvantage is that he is not full income unit. Dino can be sent even on level 1, if you build wisp immediately when game starts.

Dino is generally strong send on level 1 and level 2 due to his high damage and attack speed. Dino's disadvantage is movement speed, so he will need quite some time to get to the towers he wants to attack.

Commander can be strong send on basically every level as he increases damage of every regular unit. He is also good send for Arena fights where big tower mass can benefit a lot from bonus damage.

It is good to point out that this is non-full income send. Resilience aura increases armor of all nearby friendly units by 3. Furbolgs are generally strong send, but more effective on melee than on ranged levels because on ranged levels they go in front and die fast.

Besides armor aura, Furbolgs deal insane damage in early game. Furbolgs are non-full income send. Wyverns deal great damage in early and even mid game, but their damage type is piercing, so they are not quite strong versus heavy and fortified armored tanks.

Legion Td 2 Guide


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